BENEFIT HIGH BEAM adalah Highliter utk pipi, dahi, kening dan dagu untuk lebih menonjol dan cantik dengan sentuhan kilatan menawan! 100% cantik dipakai & 100% puas hati!

RM15.oo sahaja 


Benefit High Beam has been a must have of mine for a long time, and anyone else who has tried it probably feels the same way. There aren’t a lot of people out there that I know of that dislike this product. This illuminating highlighter does a great job of putting the glow “exactly where you want it”- which is my favorite thing to do. I much prefer a matte face overall with a bit of glow around my orbital area. It lifts the face and gives a youthful glow without coming off as “shiny” or “oily”. This product has a slight pink tint, which is super flattering and brightening to the complexion and it leaves you with more of a “sheen” than a shimmer (no glitter here)!

A lovely highlighter that blends easily, looks natural and gives a great looking glow. Look for it in minis if you don’t want to commit to the full size right away